Mission & Values

What drives us?

Drastically reduce energy dependance and climate impact of our customers


  • Professionalism and excellence: the high quality of our work is our best ambassador. We are always aiming for best-in-class level of satisfaction for our clients.
  • Independence and objectivity: we are a fact based consulting firm, servicing all types of organization’s with full objectivity. Our deep analytical focus enables us to commit for complete neutrality in our recommendations.
  • Integrity and sustainability: we are committed to accept assignments only if we deeply believe it will serve our long term mission in a coherent manner. We are moved by long term sustainability and partnerships with our clients.


  • Recognition: We ask for post-mortem evaluation of our services. 100% of project evalutions are good to excellent. Our clients appreciate our corporate DNA and strong analytical skills. 
  • Business: Climact has been selected as independant Knowledge Partner for the FEB-VBO Climate Working Group (Federation of Enterprises in Belgium).
  • AcademicsClimact is proud to be selected to support academic courses in 3 institutions (UniversitĂ© Catholique de Louvain, ICHEC Entreprises, Paris Executive Campus EMBA)
  • Walk the talk: click here for additional information on our own Energy & Climate Change commitments.